Brush lettering is everywhere

It's on Instagram, websites, and even tattoos.

Maybe you've thought about joining in the fun, but you're not sure where to start.

Or maybe, you gave it a try or two, but it just didn't look as pretty on paper, as what was in your head.

I Can Help You

So, here's the thing... we all have a tendency to want our stuff to look amazing on the first shot. That's the dream right? You pick up the brush/pen/clay/trumpet, and voila... you're a natural!

But the reality is that it's probably going to be terrible on the first try. Think about every kid who gets a recorder for Christmas, meandering around tooting Ma-Ry-Had-A-Li-Ttle-Lamb over, and over until their parents want to burn the recorder.

But if that kid is persistent, eventually they can play Mary Had A Little Lamb, and Hot Cross Buns, and half a dozen other songs.

You couldn't tie your shoe on the first try, right? And you probably couldn't spell "catastrophe" in kindergarten. But you learned. The more you practiced, the better you got. And it's the same with hand lettering.

About Amanda Sue

Hi! I'm a mom of 6, and proud wife to the most supportive man ever. But enough about that, here's what you really want to know...

...2 years ago, I picked up a brush marker for the second time. Yes, the second. The first time, I'd attempted to letter the alphabet, and in disgust at how shaky my letters were, I'd never tried again.

But then I decided to give it a second chance, but under the personal condition that I would try it for the whole year. I started in January, and by September I was hosting a 30 day lettering challenge.

Now I want to help you!

Presenting: Brush Lettering For Total Beginners

A masterclass for hand lettering with ease, even if you've never picked up a marker.

For Black Friday weekend, I'm offering you the opportunity to jump in on the maiden voyage of my new masterclass. I'll walk you through the entire process of getting your first letters out there into the world.

We'll talk about...

  • How I select my paper
  • Building muscle memory
  • First pen strokes
  • Connecting letters
  • Tricky letter combinations
  • Great ways to practice your new skills
  • When to start sharing your lettering with the world

Interested? For this weekend only, you can join in the fun for $47. It will never be offered at this price again, because this is my first round, and you'll help me shape & improve it. This is a one time price, so there's no recurring payment, and once you're in, you're in for the lifetime of the program.


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