Quirky Art
with a
Southern Spark

Your brain is a fireworks show of brilliant ideas, and if you could ever make them all happen...look out world!

You're amazed (and maybe a little irritated) by these wizards who seem to be drawn to one thing, and they excel at it. But you've never been interested in blazing one trail, you wanna explore all of them (or at least as many as one lifetime allows!)

You're far more inspired by the artisans of the Renaissance, and by the Beyonces of the world.

Because if we're keeping it real here, one of those most irksome things about the phrase "jack of all trades" is the ending "master of none". Forget that, 'cause Michelangelo and a lot of the other biggies weren't dabblers... they were masters in a lot of fields. And contrary to todays archetype of the left brain vs right brain, they did things in both areas... sculpting and architecture... painting and botany...

So what's different today?

Sadly a lot of it is cultural. For one thing, while the job of being an artist was once a highly aspirational career field, many people view art as more of a hobby, and making a living from it can be perceived as a fanciful notion only held by people too lazy to get a "real" job. For another, we live in an age where digging your heels in and niching gets all the glory, and no one tells you how to do that, and explore your options.


Let me be clear... I fully recognize that there are people out there, killing the niche thing...I'm just not one of them.

Some of things I've already done...

>> Volunteered as a librarian
>> Served in the US Air Force
>> Sang the National Anthem over a dozen times while in the Air Force
>> Participated in a collaborative book project... twice
>> Hosted a 30 day hand-lettering challenge tweet

Some of the things I want to do...

>> Complete a NaNoWriMo
>> Learn how to oil paint
>> Learn how to play guitar (and violin, and another dozen instruments)
>> Learn Swedish (and French, Spanish, Russian, ASL, etc...)
>> Learn how to build my own furniture
>> Publish my own books (or be published)
>> Create art for the covers of books, or illustrations for inside tweet

It's right here that I'd like to take a moment to confirm, that I'm not a prodigy at anything.

In fact I held myself back for years of my adult life, believing that I hadn't found "the thing" that I was insanely good at. Because surely that's what everyone else in my life was doing, right? They just... happened to find their "thing" really quickly. And I hadn't. So I allowed that idea to keep me from proclaiming myself an artist, and so I worked as a virtual assistant.

And I'm a damn good virtual assistant.

So even though it didn't light my fire, I kept rolling along with it up until January of 2017. That year, I chose 3 creative things to learn...

>> doodling
>> handlettering
>> watercolors tweet

I picked these 3 specifically, because they were all things I had tried at some point in the past, and hated. I hated watercolors, because I'm kind of a control freak. I hated brush lettering, because the letters looked awful the first time I tried. And I hated doodling, because I've always wanted to be able to draw hyper realistically. And that's just about as opposite as it gets.

But I figured, I'd give them the whole year... and if by the end of the year, I still hated them, then at least I'd given them a fair shot. And so I dove in, with all of my heart.


In January, my husband came home to dozens of calligraphy drills all over the bed. 

In February, CreativeBug hosted a watercolor challenge with Yao Cheng... I was doing it, my friends were doing it, and it was such a thrill to see CreativeBug like my photos on Instagram.

In April, we packed up everything we had, and moved across the country to Virginia, to see if we could find a place that made me feel better, health-wise.

This year, I settled on what I wanted my business and life to look like.

I sat down with my husband, and my kids, and we talked about what we want our life to look like. Where do we want to go? What kind of weather do we want? What landscape? What do we want to do for fun? Where do we want to vacation?

So here we are. We're going on a journey to change our stars, and follow our dreams, and I'd love to see you join in.

So I'm about do something super gutsy.

If you're reading this, than you're one of the first people to see my brand new baby site. And I'd love for you to help me shape this into the community I know it can be. If you can take 2 minutes to answer a few really fast questions (most are multiple choice), I'd be SUPER grateful. If you're game, click here.